Atlantic cutlassfish

Trichiurus lepturus

Family Trichiuridae - cutlassfishes

Body elongate, highly compressed, ribbon-like, no scales, color silver; lower jaw protrudes past upper jaw; mouth large, fang-like teeth; single dorsal fin running from head to almost end of body; pelvic fins and anal fins absent; caudal fin absent, tail end pointed; minute single spines along belly from anus to tail.
Similar Species
Other cutlassfishes in the Atlantic and Gulf have forked tails. The Atlantic cutlassfish has no caudal fin, tail just tapers to a point.
Gulf and bay
Maximum Size
234 cm (7 3/4 ft), common to 100 cm (3 1/3 ft)
Fin Element Counts
D. 130-135 (explain)
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