Sergestid shrimp

Acetes americanus

Family Sergestidae - sergestid shrimps

Body elongate, narrow, shrimp-like; color white translucent, red spots at the base of the abdominal fan; eye stalk long; rostrum elevated, short, 1 spine; 1st abdominal segment overlaps 2nd abdominal segment; 2nd and 3rd pair of walking legs with small chelae (claws); 4th and 5th pair of walking legs absent; last abdominal segment elongate, convex (curved outward) on its ventral surface; small, planktonic.
Similar Species
Penaeid shrimp have longer rostrums, usually extending beyond the eye and well developed 4th and 5th walking legs; Luciferids have long narrow heads and chelae only on the 3rd walking legs; Mysids have greatly reduced feather-like swimming legs.
Gulf and bay, swim in water column
Maximum Size
2.6 cm (1 in)
Other Common Names
paste shrimp
Previous Scientific Names