Sand snapping shrimp

Alpheus floridanus

Family Alpheidae - snapping shrimps

Body elongate, narrow, somewhat lobster-like (abdomen slightly compressed dorsoventrally); color orangish brown; rostrum small, pointed, not reaching past eye; 2nd abdominal segment overlaps 1st segment; 1st pair walking legs thick, long and narrow, chelae (claws) over 1/2 length of leg, major chela laterally compressed with blunt movable finger at tip, finger about 1/3 the length of the claw; minor claw with elongate, narrow movable finger, finger over 1/2 length of claw; both claws with setae (hairs); 2nd walking legs ends in small chela; carpus (segment next to chelae) of 2nd walking leg divided into small segments; telson (hard middle part of tail fan) longer than wide.
Similar Species
The sand snapping shrimp is distinguished by its narrow but long major claw and extremely long fingers on the minor claw (longer than the palm).
Gulf and bay, muddy to sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
5 cm (2 in)
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