Tricolor anemone

Calliactis tricolor

Family Hormathiidae - anemones

Body soft, cylindrical with tentacles around the top, base attaches to hard substrate; color beige to dark brown with beige streaks to dark orange and red or purple; has dark spots (pores) surrounding the basal margin; tentacles are short, usually whitish, but may be dark orange or pink; pigment around the mouth and oral disk tricolored, usually with a darker outer ring and orange and/or pinkish center; releases orange stringy filaments (acontia) from the oral disk and from the dark pores at the base when disturbed.
Similar Species
This anemone varies in color but will always have the dark spots around the basal margin.
Gulf, usually found on shells occupied by hermit crabs or attached to the calico box crab
Maximum Size
5 cm (2 in) disk width
Other Common Names
hermit anemone, hitchhiking anemone, cloak anemone
Previous Scientific Names
Actinia bicolor; Actinia tricolor; Adamsia bicolor; Adamsia egletes; Adamsia tricolor; Calliactis egletes; Cereus bicolor