Dietz's rose corbula

Caryocorbula dietziana

Family Corbulidae - corbulas

Bivalve (2 shells); shell oval,somewhat elongated, inflated, sturdy, with thickened concentric ridges; color grayish white to brown; valves unequal, right valve overlaps left valve; anterior end rounded; posterior end protruding,pointed and angulate, more squarish in juveniles, and slightly concave on ventral edge; slight ridge from beak to posterior edge; beaks small; no pallial sinus.
Similar Species
The rose corbula has thickened concentric lines and juveniles have a squarish, angulate posterior end. Other corbulas described from Texas do not appear to have "thickened" concentric lines and many have slight anteriorly twisted beaks.
Gulf and bay, muddy to sandy bottoms
Maximum Size
12 mm (1/2 in) in width
Other Common Names
rose corbula
Previous Scientific Names
Corbulas are difficult to distinguish and there are probably many misidentifications.