Roughwrist soft crab

Chasmocarcinus mississippiensis

Family Goneplacidae - Mud crabs

Carapace squarish, wider at postereior end, pair of furrows in center of carapace, anoather pair of wider spaced furrows on posterior end; color off-white, grayish, with a hint of brown; anterior lateral margins with ridge on upper carapace; suborbital ridge extending past the orbits to the anteriolateral rigdes; claws unequal, usually right claw largest; fingers long, tapering to a point, fixed finger deflected at tip, blunt denticles (teeth) on opposing edges; carpus with a tooth or lobe on its inner angle;
Similar Species
There is another species of Chasmocarcinus that is found in the Gulf, C. chacei, but it ususally found at depths 100 m or more. A distiguishing characteristic between the two is that C. chacei has no anteriolateral ridges.
Gulf, 100 m or less
Maximum Size
1cm (1/2 in) carapace width
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