Fragile barnacle

Chthamalus fragilis

Family Chthamalidae - barnacles (crustacea)

Shell conical, made of 6 triangular plates (parietes) fused together with walls (radii) between plates; walls (radii) very narrow to nonexistent; plates are grayish in color; base of plates undulating; base plate is membranous as opposed to calcareous; orifice oval in shape; opercular plates with visible wavy suture lines in center (junction of the tergum and scutum); internal plate tergum with small spur fused to basal margin; internal plate scutum triangular, curved at base with distinct angled corner.
Similar Species
The gray color and visible wavy suture lines on the opercular plates help distinguish this species.
Gulf, intertidal, around jetties and pilings
Maximum Size
0.5 cm (1/5 in)
Other Common Names
little gray barnacle
Previous Scientific Names