Arrow squid

Doryteuthis plei

Family Loliginidae - squids

Body (mantle) cylindrical, long, slender, tip pointed, males more slender with longer fins than females; lateral fins longer than wide, not exceeding 50% of mantle length, (if mantle length >12 cm (4 3/4 in), fins may be up to 50% or slightly greater than mantle length); outer edges at a blunt angle (not rounded), sides nearly straight; eyes nearly lateral; has a funnel behind the eyes; 8 short arms (shorter than mantle length) with sucker on the undersides extending the length of the arms; 2 longer tentacles with suckers only on the ends, ends spatulate shaped; mouth with beak-like teeth; color translucent with many purple-red pigment cells (chromatophores) on entire body; the internal pen has a vane width/rachis width ratio of 2.4 or less, edges are usually straight, and usually has ridges.
Similar Species
The arrow squid is more slender and firm than the brief squid, its mantle tip is hard and pointed; its fins are long and rhomboidal shaped, it usually more chromatophores than the brief squid; It is not as slender with shorter fins (usually <50% of mantle length) than the longfin inshore squid; its pen is narrower at the vane usually with straight edges and usually with ridges; the pen of the longfin inshore squid is wider usually with curved edges and usually has no ridges.
Gulf, pelagic
Maximum Size
40 cm (15 3/4 in) mantle length
Other Common Names
slender inshore squid
Previous Scientific Names
Loligo pleii, Doryteuthis pleii