Olivepit porcelain crab

Euceramus praelongus

Family Porcellanidae - Porcelain crabs

Carapace subcylindrical, longer than wide, transverse folds anteriorly; color brownish whith white transverse striaitions posteriorly; 3-toothed rostrum on head, middle tooth longest; antennae short, about 3/4 as long as body; last (5th) pair of legs thin, held above the other legs; claws on 1st pair of legs robust, curved, not flat; rear of carapace indented; 2nd pair of legs shorter than 3rd and 4th; 2 pairs of spines behind each antennae; uropods vestigial.
Similar Species
Other porcelain crabs have round bodies and flatter claws.
Gulf and bay, in shallow water rubble
Maximum Size
1 cm (1/2 in) carapace length
Other Common Names
olive pit porcelain crab
Previous Scientific Names