Estuarine ghost shrimp

Lepidophthalmus louisianensis

Family Callianassidae - ghost shrimps

Body elongate, lobster-like (abdomen dorsoventrally compressed); color pink to orangish with whitish translucent legs and abdominal fan; one enlarged wide claw, fingers short, talon-like; rostrum short, pointed, upturned; small spine on anterior lateral border of head, either side of rostrum; 1st abdominal segment (the one that attaches to the carapace) narrower on anterior end; inner appendage (endopod) of tail fan (uropod) about twice as long as wide; telson (hard middle part of tail fan) concave, much shorter than rest of tail fan.
Similar Species
Broadspine ghost shrimp differs from the estuarine ghost shrimp by having no spines on either side of rostrum (anterior lateral border of head) and a telson about the same length as the endopods of the tail fan. Other ghost shrimp have a shorter rostrum (<1/4 of eyestalk) and endopods that are 3-4 times longer than wide.
Gulf and bay, prefer muddy bottoms
Maximum Size
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Callianassa louisianensis, C. jamaicense, L. jamaicense