Laguna Madre fiddler crab

Leptuca subcylindrica

Family Ocypodidae - Fiddler and ghost crabs

Carapace oval, wider than long, slightly wider anteriorly than posteriorly, highly arched; color of carapace tan to light orange, H-shaped depression on dorsal carapace; last legs regular, not flattened; no teeth on anterior lateral edges of carapace; major claw of males with no oblique ridge on palm, with about 4 slightly enlarged teeth on lower claw with 1 tooth at tip, 2 or 3 slightly enlarged teeth on movable claw; minor claw with almost no gape.
Similar Species
There is not a lot of descriptions about this crab because they are isolated in small areas and not well studied. It is the only land fiddler crab found in Texas, so that's a start. Its cylindrical body and lack of an oblique line on the male's major palm are considered distinguishing characteristics. Not much description of the female. I think the pattern of teeth on the male major claw will help to distinguish this crab from others, judging from photos I've seen.
Brackish water habitats, mud flats, algal beds, some distance upstream from mouths of rivers and creeks
Maximum Size
2.5 cm (1 in) in width
Other Common Names
puffed fiddler crab
Previous Scientific Names
Uca subcylindrica
Range is inland from lower Texas coast and NE Mexico, noticeably from la Sal Vieja and Laguna Salada, both saline lakes in TX