Cinnamon river shrimp

Macrobrachium acanthurus

Family Palaemonidae - grass shrimps

Body shrimp-like; carapace smooth with short hairs on anterolateral margins; color brown, green or pale yellow, sometimes with red speckles, red or brownish stripe down back, may have irregular red bands on sides; rostrum slightly upcurved, 8-12 teeth on upper margin, 4-7 (usually 6) teeth on lower margin, teeth extend to tip; 1st pair of walking legs (periopods) with small claws; 2nd pair of walking legs (periopods) very elongate, both similar in shape and size, rows of spines along the legs to the palm; chelae (claws) elongate, cylindrical, densely covered with hairs, a tooth on the proximal cutting edges of both fingers; last 3 pairs of walking legs (periopods) with small spinules; telson about 1.5 times longer than 6th abdominal segment with 2 pairs of dorsal spines, end has a sharp point in the middle, with 2 pair small spinules on either side, the inner pair extending past the middle point; hepatic spine present.
Similar Species
The closest relative in Texas is the Ohio shrimp, M. ohione. The Ohio shrimp is a pale gray color, and the tip of its rostrum has a toothless dagger-like point.
Freshwater, low saline areas of the bay
Maximum Size
18 cm (7 in)
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