Florida lady crab

Ovalipes floridanus

Family Portunidae - Swimming crabs

Carapace oval, compressed; color orangish brown to gray, joints with darker orangish color; claws long, color brownish with some orange and blue, fingers brown on top, mostly white interiorly; last pair of legs flattened into paddle-shaped appendages; 5 pair of spines (including the outer orbital spines) along the lateral edges of the carapace, directed forward; 3 sharp teeth between the ocular orbits (eye sockets), including the inner orbital teeth; small spines on the inner margins of merus (2nd segment from the claws), larger spines on inner and outer dorsal carpus (segment next to claw), the inner spine very long.
Similar Species
The round shaped carapace distinguishes this crab from other swimming crabs.
Shallow gulf and lower bays
Maximum Size
8.5 cm (3 1/3 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
O. guadulpensis