Spotted porcelain crab

Porcellana sayana

Family Porcellanidae - Porcelain crabs

Carapace oval, flat, slightly longer than wide; color reddish brown with white, yellow or bluish spots or stripes, light bars on legs; 3 pair of walking legs (4th pair small and usually held under and close to body) and 1 pair of claws; claws flattened; antennae longer than body length; no carpus (segment next to claw) on claw appendage; claw appendage with lobe on inner lateral surface of merus (arms), no spines on arm; abdomen moves freely.
Similar Species
Spotted porcelain crab is brown with white, yellow or blue spots or stripes and has a lobe on the inner lateral surface of the claw appendage arm; green porcelain crab has greenish color, no spots or stripes (except banding on legs) and has spines on the inner surface of its claw appendage arm; the striped porcelain crab is light brownish orange with darker mottling on carapace and claws and has 1 small spine on inner surface of claw appendage arm.
Maximum Size
1.5 cm (3/5 in) carapace width
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names