Roughneck shrimp

Rimapenaeus constrictus

Family Penaeidae - penaeid shrimps

Body shrimp-like; carapace smooth; dorsal part of abdomen smooth except narrow band of roughness on either side of dorsal keel on last abdominal segment; color translucent pink to red, sometimes with reddish streaks; rostrum with 7-9 teeth above, no teeth below; 1st abdominal segment overlaps 2nd abdominal segment; antennule (smaller antennae) extend well past the rostrum; 1st 3 walking legs chelate; no dorsolateral grooves on last abdominal segment; no dorsolateral grooves on posterior carapace.
Similar Species
The roughneck and the roughback shrimp are difficult to tell apart. The roughback's carapace is rough to the tough as is its dorsal half of abdomin (especially the last abdominal segment). The roughneck is usually a darker red with streaks.
Gulf, shallow waters
Maximum Size
9.3 cm (3 3/4 in)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Trachypenaeus constrictus