Ridged slipper lobster

Scyllarides nodifer

Family Scyllaridae - lobsters (crustacea)

Carapace elongate, abdomen thick, dorsoventrally flattened, lobster-like; color brown with reddish orange color on antennules, legs (banded), and scattered on surface of body; antennae modified into short, well developed plates, the terminal segment is rounded and smooth, not lobed or serrated; no claws on any legs; 1st abdominal segment with 1 red round spot in center of back; diffused red spots on either side of central spot; 2nd, 3rd and 4th abdominal segments with distinct raised ridges; carapace granulate, covered with small nodules; lateral margins of head form right angles ending in small tooth or spine; eyes recessed into orbits.
Similar Species
Other slipper lobsters may have 4 red spots on 1st abdominal segment or edges of antennae shaped into lobes or teeth, but the only the ridged slipper lobster has a ridge along the midline of the abdomen.
Gulf, bottom dweller
Maximum Size
35.5 cm (14 in)
Other Common Names
shovel-nose lobster
Previous Scientific Names