Cannonball jellyfish

Stomolophus meleagris

Family Rhizostomatidae - jellyfishes

Bell rounded, ball-shaped, translucent, rigid, gelatinous; color whitish, milky, sometimes bottom of bell rimmed in brown pigment; rigid stalk extends from beneath the bell; attached to the end of stalk is a cluster of finger-like "oral arms" surrounding a mouth; no tentacles.
Similar Species
There are no other local species with a rigid, rounded bell like the cannonball jellyfish. An invasive species, the Australian spotted jellyfish (Physalia physalis), which has been caught in the northern Gulf coast and in Galveston Bay, has a round bell, especially in juveniles. They can be distinguished from the cannonballs by the whitish spots on its bell.
Gulf and bay, floats near the surface
Maximum Size
25 cm (10 in)
Other Common Names
cabbagehead, jellyball
Previous Scientific Names
Although the cabbagehead has no tentacles, it does have stinging cells inside its bell. The sting from a cabbagehead is very mild. These creatures can swim very fast.