Arrow shrimp

Tozeuma carolinense

Family Hippolytidae - cleaner shrimps

Body shrimp-like, long (longer than the rest of the carapace), slender, small, translucent; color usually whitish with pink or reddish tints, but will assume the color of its background; rostrum long, thin, pointed, slightly upcurved, no teeth above, many teeth below; spine on both sides of rostrum at its base; 2nd abdominal segment overlaps the 1st segment; 1st 2 pair of walking legs chelate (clawed), 3rd pair never chelate; 1st pair of walking legs thicker but shorter than 2nd pair; carpus (segment next to claws) of the 2nd pair of legs divided into 3 segments; distinct bend in body between the 3rd and 4th abdominal segments; hump on 3rd segment, more distinct in males; last abdominal segment before the telson (tail fan) elongated.
Similar Species
The arrow shrimp has a distinct rostrum, including its length and lack of teeth on the upper margin. That and its narrow body distinguish it from any other shrimp in the area.
Bay, common in vegetated areas like seagrasses
Maximum Size
5 cm (2 in)
Other Common Names
seagrass arrow shrimp
Previous Scientific Names
T. carolinensis
Swims in a vertical position to camouflage itself among seagrass blades.