Spined fiddler crab

Uca spinicarpa

Family Ocypodidae - Fiddler and ghost crabs

Carapace oval, narrower posteriorly; anterior 1/3rd of lateral margins straight, with an angular bend posteriorly; color brown on carapace, whitish on ends of claws; females with very small claws; males with 1 oversized claw with oblique tubercle ridge from inner margin of palm to outer edge of claw; enlarge tooth or spine on inner surface of carpus (segment next to claw) on enlarged claw in males.
Similar Species
Spined fiddlers can be distinguished by the straight edges of the anterolateral margins of its carapace and by the small tooth or spine on the interior margin of the carpus in the oversized male claw.
Bay, muddy bottoms, above the intertidal zone
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