Coastal mud shrimp

Upogebia affinis

Family Upogebiidae - mud shrimps

Body elongate, lobster-like (abdomen dorsoventrally compressed); color whitish, bluish or yellowish gray; abdomen membranous, not hard or calcified; rostrum broad, triangular shaped, slightly extends past eye; small rounded spine on either side of rostrum; spine on anterolateral border of carapace (next to eye); rostrum and carapace with tiny spines, hairy; claws on 1st pair of legs, about the same size, immovable finger of claw smaller than movable finger, both fingers with teeth, hairy; telson (hard middle part of tail fan) broad, truncate, about as long as endopods (paired appendages either side of telson in tail fan).
Similar Species
Similar to ghost shrimps, but the rostrums of ghost shrimps are distinctly shorter and/or narrower than the eye and the paired claws are of unequal size.
Bay, burrows in mud
Maximum Size
10 cm (4 in)
Other Common Names
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