American wild celery

Vallisneria americana

Family Hydrocharitaceae - submerged vegetation

Submerged vegetation; rhizome (long, usually horizontal stem from which stalks and leaves arise) horizontal, underground; roots from nodes fibrous clusters; leaves in clusters attached to rhizome; leaves long, grass- or ribbon-like, green, up to 2 cm (3/4 in) wide, up to 120 cm long (4 ft), tips pointed; female flowers tubular, on long stems; male flowers short, spade-shaped, on short stems;
Similar Species
Leaves are similar to those of the turtle grass Thalassia testudinum, but the tips of the turtle grass leaves are rounded.
Freshwater, low saline areas of the bay, sand to silty clay substrate, about 36-48 cm (3-4 ft) water depth
Maximum Size
Other Common Names
eel grass, tape grass
Previous Scientific Names
Not a seagrass




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