Identification Guide to Marine
Organisms of Texas




Though this site is structured a little bit differently, the inspiration for this website came from, THE site for identifying fishes of Wisconsin. The site is, I think, unique in the way that it presents native fish and their identification using multiple photos and descriptions. The direction the marine species website took is based on that site, and I am grateful to their authors and webmasters.

Special thanks go to the Dickinson Marine Lab field crew of Galveston Bay for providing specimens for identification and photographs and to my supervisors, colleagues and administrative staff for their support. Thanks to Bill Balboa (TPWD, Dickinson Marine Lab) for all the fish drawings. Thanks to Paul Hammerschmidt (TPWD, Austin) for creating an Excel program for estimating fish weights. His data and formulas are the basis for the fish length/weight page. Also, I'd like to give thanks to the anglers and commercial fishermen who brought in species for identification or record certification and who allowed me to photograph their catch. I encourage anyone who catches organisms of their interest (not limited to organisms not represented here, because I can always use better pictures) to bring them to the Dickinson Marine Lab for photographing and inclusion in the website.

And lastly, and mostly, I am in debt to Texas A&M at Galveston ( for having the interest, facilities and monetary support to host this website.

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