Acanthocybium solandri

Family Scombridae - mackerels

Body elongate, only slightly compressed; color on back is iridescent bluish green, side and bottom silvery, sides usually with numerous wavy dark and light vertical lines, lines sometimes fade and are difficult to see; snout (from tip to eye) long, about 1/2 head length; no gill rakers; pectoral fin short, less than 1/2 head length; 1st dorsal fin long, spiny; 2nd dorsal fin and anal fin short with concave margin, both followed by 7-9 finlets; caudal peduncle and tail fin base with 1 long keel and 2 shorter keels on either side; end of maxilla (upper lip) hidden behind a bony plate; interpelvic process (fleshy flap in between pelvic fins) present, bilobed.
Similar Species
In other scombrids, the snout is shorter, less than 1/2 head length. The sides have no vertical bars, and the maxilla is exposed, not hidden behind a bony plate
Gulf, open waters
Maximum Size
250 cm (8 ft)
Fin Element Counts
D. XXIII-XXVII+12-16+7-9 finlets; A. 17-19+9 finlets (explain)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Photos courtesy Claire Iseton, TPWD.
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