Skipjack herring

Alosa chrysochloris

Family Clupeidae - herring

Body elongate, compressed; color green to blue above, white on belly, no shoulder spot; fins pale with dusky tips or edges; belly with serrated keel; typical herring mouth (short, deep lower jaw hidden by wide rounded upper jaw); upper jaw with front notch; pelvic fin under dorsal fin base.
Similar Species
More slender than other herrings with a keel; has distinctive notch in front upper jaw; differs from menhaden by not having 2 rows of enlarged scales on back in front of dorsal fin.
Bays and freshwater
Maximum Size
60 cm (23 1/2 in), common to 45 cm (17 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 16-21; A. 18-21 (explain)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Known for leaping from the water.
State size/bag limits