Yellowfin aulopus

Aulopus filamentosus

Family Aulopidae - flagfins

Body elongate, slender, cylindrical; color light with dusky reddish tinge above, lighter below; 3 dark kiss-like saddles on back; several dark blotches on side; dorsal fin origin originates on anterior 1/3 of body, color of fin brownish green with white stripes or spots, 1st dorsal rays extended and filamentous in males; adipose fin present; adipose, caudal and pelvic fins with brown and yellow blotches; head with dark blotches; mouth large with jaw reaching from mid to end of eye, with 2 supramaxillae; snout narrow but rounded; eyes large; teeth pointed, depressible; pelvic fin longer and larger than pectoral fin.
Similar Species
Lizardfishes have pointed snouts from upper profile (rounded in yellowfin aulopus), mouth extends well past the eye (to mid or end of eye in yellowfin), dorsal fin is smaller and originates just anterior to midbody (originates on anterior 1/3 of body in yellowfin), and has no supramaxillae.
Gulf, from 50-1000 m (164-3300 ft)
Maximum Size
51 cm (20 in), common to 30 cm (12 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 14-16; A.10-13 (explain)
Other Common Names
royal flagfin
Previous Scientific Names
State size/bag limits