Ragged goby

Bollmannia communis

Family Gobiidae - gobies

Body elongate; small head; color light brown, darker on the back, irregular and indistinct blotches; pelvic fins united to form 1 fin; 1st dorsal fin with a black blotch posteriorly and white stripes (males with a black band above spot on 1st dorsal); mouth large, inclined; iris dark; tail lanceolate (pointed); body scaled.
Similar Species
The most distinguishing characteristic about this goby is the color pattern on the 1st dorsal fin: dark blotch posteriorly and white stripes. The white-eye goby (B. boqueronensis) has a similar 1st dorsal fin but has a yellow head and white irises. It's common in Florida but not found off Texas.
Gulf, muddy bottoms
Maximum Size
10 cm (4 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VII+14; A. 14 (explain)
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