Whitebone porgy

Calamus leucosteus

Family Sparidae - porgies

Body somewhat deep, head rounded with steep profile, snout pointed; color silvery, with a blue or purple iridescent tint; sometimes with faint blotches on sides; sometimes with blue line under eye; eye and mouth situated far apart; mouth reaches to or close to anterior part of eye; teeth conical or canine-like in front, molar-like on sides; pectoral fin long, reaching to anal fin origin; snout and area between eye and mouth (suborbital area) unscaled; auxiliary process (bony spine at axil of pelvic fins) present; tail fin with dark margins; snout dusky.
Similar Species
Many other porgies have some kind of markings between the eye and snout. The area is just dusky in whitebone porgies. Most other porgies have 14-15 rays in their pectoral fins, The whitebone porgy usually has 16.
Gulf, on soft bottoms
Maximum Size
46 cm (18 in), common to 30 cm (12 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XII,12: A. III,10 (explain)
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