Bar jack

Caranx ruber

Family Carangidae - jacks

Body elongate, moderately deep, moderately compressed; color silvery on sides, bluish and somewhat iridescent stripe on back to tail fin, older fish with a black bar along the back to the caudal fin, lower lobe of tail fin with white lower margin and black bar above; juveniles with about 6 vertical dark bars; snout pointed; upper jaw just barely reaching anterior margin of eye; lower jaw not reaching anterior of eye; lateral line with low extended arch, posterior lateral line with raised scutes; pair of keels on caudal peduncle; pectoral fin falcate (sickle-shaped) reaching to about anal fin origin.
Similar Species
Similar in shape to the yellow jack, but the yellow jack does not have the black bar on the lower caudal fin. In fact, no other jack has a black bar on the lower caudal fin. Also, other Caranx species have a lower jaw that extends to under the eye.
Gulf, common in shallow water areas, around reefs, usually found in schools
Maximum Size
69 cm (27 in), common to 50 cm (19 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VIII+I,27; A. II+I,24 (explain)
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