Blacknose shark

Carcharhinus acronotus

Family Carcharhinidae - sharks, requiem

Body elongate, stout; snout somewhat long and moderately pointed; color gray to yellowish brown with green to blue green tints; dusky blotch on tip of snout (fades with growth); origin of 2nd dorsal fin over origin of anal fin; 2nd dorsal with a dark tip; origin of the 1st dorsal fin over or slightly behind the inner margin of the pectoral fin; upper teeth flat, serrated, unsymmetrical, oblique cusps; lower teeth nearly symmetrical; no interdorsal ridge.
Similar Species
The dark smudge on the tip of the snout usually distinguishes this shark. Could be mistaken for a finetooth shark but the finetooth has narrow, symmetrical upper and lower teeth.
Gulf, sandy or coral bottoms
Maximum Size
2 m (6 1/2 ft)
Fin Element Counts
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
State size/bag limits
Minimum size 64 in.; bag limit is 1 shark/day, including sharpnose, blacktips, bonnetheads, and all other allowable shark species; See Shark Regulations; Check for state record.