Goldface tilefish

Caulolatilus chrysops

Family Malacanthidae - tilefishes

Body elongate, laterally compressed; color purplish gray on back with yellow mottling, belly whitish; yellow bar under eye to snout; dark blotch above axil of pectoral fin; head convex from side view, with predorsal ridge; mouth terminal, small extending to near anterior part of eye; single flat spine on gill cover; long continuous dorsal and anal fins; tail emarginate, upper lobe slightly longer than lower lobe.
Similar Species
The most distinguishing characteristic about this tilefish is the yellow bar extending from under the eye to the snout.
Gulf, deep water, 50-100 fathoms
Maximum Size
54 cm (21 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VIII, 23-25; A. II, 22-24 (explain)
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