Smallscale fat snook

Centropomus parallelus

Family Centropomidae - snooks

Body elongate, compressed; color yellow-brown to greenish above, silvery on the sides and below; head is straight to slightly concave above the snout; lower jaw protrudes past upper jaw; dark lateral line on sides that extends to the margin of the caudal fin; pelvic fin reaches to or past the anus except in the largest fish; 2nd spine in anal fin extremely strong, longer than 3rd spine when erect.
Similar Species
Common snook is very similar to the smallscale fat snook, but its body is more slender and its pelvic fin does not reach as far as the anus. Its 2nd anal spine is about the same length as the 3rd spine (longer in the smallscale fat snook).
Gulf and bay, sometimes enters freshwater
Maximum Size
72 cm (28.5 in), common to 25 cm (10 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VIII+I,10; A. III,6 (explain)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
State size/bag limits
Minimum size is 24 in., maximum size is 28 in.; bag limit is 1 (includes all snook species); Check for state record.