Stretchjaw blenny

Chasmodes longimaxilla

Family Blenniidae - blennies

Body elongated, laterally compressed, with long dorsal and anal fins; dark mottling with light longitudinal stripes; dark blotches on back and lower dorsal fin; fleshy tabs (cirri) on forehead absent; pointed snout.
Similar Species
Other blennies with blunt snout, no longitudinal stripes or with cirri present.
Shallow Gulf and bays, prefer hard substrates
Maximum Size
10 cm (4 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XI,17-19; A. II,18-19 (explain)
Other Common Names
striped blenny
Previous Scientific Names
C. bosquianus, C. bosquianus longimaxilla
Originally known as the striped blenny, C. bosquianus, the Gulf population was determined to be a separate species from the striped blennies found on the Atlantic coast.
State size/bag limits