Irish pompano

Diapterus auratus

Family Gerreidae - mojarras

Body deep, compressed, angled at base of dorsal fin; snout pointed; lower jaw profile concave; strongly protrusible jaws that point downward when extended; edge of preopercle is serrated; tail deeply forked; 2nd anal fin spine thick and longer 3rd spine and rays; high dorsal fin; dorsal fin spines dusky at edge.
Similar Species
Has a deeper body than most other mojarras, the 2nd anal spine is thick and longer than the 3rd spine; its preopercle is serrated.
Gulf and bay, prefers sand or mud bottoms
Maximum Size
34 cm (13 1/2 in), common to 27 cm (10 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. IX,10; A. III,8 (explain)
Other Common Names
Irish mojarra
Previous Scientific Names
This fish is not a "pompano". It is actually in the mojarra family.
State size/bag limits