Elops saurus

Family Elopidae - tenpounders

Body elongate, round, only slightly compressed; color bluish on back, silvery with slight yellow tinge on sides and below; mouth large, somewhat oblique, posterior end of upper jaw reaching past eye; gular plate present (bony plate on throat); 1 dorsal fin set midway on body; fins with yellow tinges; pelvic fins originate under dorsal fin.
Similar Species
Tarpon have an elongate, whip-like last dorsal fin ray (absent in ladyfish), bonefish have a small subterminal mouth
Gulf and bay, more common in the bays
Maximum Size
100 cm (3 1/3 ft), common to 60 cm (23 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 21-25; A. 14-17 (explain)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
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