Round herring

Etrumeus teres

Family Clupeidae - herring

Body elongate, round (only slightly compressed); color green to blue above, silvery on sides and belly; no serrated keel on belly; has the typical herring mouth (short, deep lower jaw hidden by wide rounded upper jaw); snout pointed; dorsal fin with no spines; pelvic fins on belly mid-body, behind the dorsal fin base; large eye, sometimes with reddish tinge; tail forked, center rays short, squared off, lighter in color than the upper and lower rays.
Similar Species
Round herring is the only herring off Texas, besides the dwarf herring, with a rounded belly, no keel; the dwarf herring's pelvic fins are under the dorsal fin base (behind the base in round herring).
Gulf, shallow waters
Maximum Size
33 cm (13 in), common to 25 cm (10 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 16-20; A. 10-12 (explain)
Other Common Names
red-eye round herring
Previous Scientific Names
State size/bag limits