Gulf killifish

Fundulus grandis

Family Fundulidae - killifishes

Body elongate, rounded; color olivish above, lighter below; juveniles have very faint vertical bars; females plain with yellow on anal fin; males with whitish spots on body and dark anal, caudal and dorsal fins with white spots; breeding males with deeper colors, yellow belly, dorsal and anal fins lined in yellow, caudal fin lined with white; mouth short, wide, oblique; caudal peduncle thick; anal fin rounded.
Similar Species
Differs from other killifish by having few to no markings - vertical bars in juveniles very faint; females plain with little markings; males with white spots but no stripes.
Bays, freshwater
Maximum Size
18 cm (7 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 11; A. 10-11 (explain)
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