Longnose killifish

Fundulus similis

Family Fundulidae - killifishes

Body elongate, rounded; color olive to silver, males with yellow on chin and gill cover with a dark blotch on shoulder; vertical stripes on sides, last stripe with a small dark spot at upper end, may be diffused or absent; mouth short, wide, oblique; snout length more than twice the diameter of the eye; caudal peduncle broad; fins light in females, dusky in males; male dorsal fin longer than in females, dusky, upper margin straight, black and white ocellated spot on posterior end; female dorsal fin colorless and rounded; tail fin in males dusky with dark margins; tail fin in females colorless; anal fin wide with middle rays longest, angular in males, rounded in females; both sexes with faint, dark dotted line on anterior half of upper side.
Similar Species
Can be distinguished from other killifish by its long snout, thin dark vertical bars and dark spot on last bar.
Bays, freshwater
Maximum Size
12 cm (4 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 11-13; A. 10 (explain)
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