Violet goby

Gobioides broussonetii

Family Gobiidae - gobies

Body large, elongate, longer than most gobies, almost eel-like; color purplish brown above, lighter below, 25-30 dark anteriorly directed stripes on upper body; 1 dorsal fin, long and continuous; pelvic fins united to form 1 fin; both dorsal and anal fins connected to tail fin base; eyes very small, near top of head; snout blunt; mouth oblique (slanting upwards), upper jaw extending to or past posterior margin of eye; tail lanceolate (long, pointed); scaled.
Similar Species
This is the largest goby. Other gobies have 2 dorsal fins.
Gulf and bay, muddy bottoms
Maximum Size
49 cm (19 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VII,15; A. I,15 (explain)
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