Bigmouth sleeper

Gobiomorus dormitor

Family Eleotridae - sleepers

Body elongate, slender; color brown to black with numerous spots on fins, lighter color on the belly; lower jaw protrudes past upper jaw; end of upper jaw reaches to or past posterior margin of eye; radiating lines on cheek and opercle; 2 dorsal fins; length of the 2nd dorsal fin base is equal to or shorter than the length from the 2nd dorsal to the base of the caudal fin.
Similar Species
Gobies pelvic fins are fused into a "sucking" disc. Sleepers pelvic fins are separate. Also the base of a goby's 2nd dorsal is much longer than the length from the end of the 2nd dorsal to the base of the caudal fin; the fat sleeper is deeper bodied, the emerald sleeper has a pointed caudal fin, and the spinycheek sleeper has a ventrally pointed spine on its preopercle.
Lower salinity bays, freshwater
Maximum Size
61 cm (24 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VI+I,9; A. 10 (explain)
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