Bluntnose jack

Hemicaranx amblyrhynchus

Family Carangidae - jacks

Body slightly elongate, deep and strongly compressed; color silvery, caudal fin yellow; anal fin light colored, dorsal fin dusky, both with white tips on 1st few rays in adults, juveniles with 4-5 dark vertical bars and darker dorsal and anal fins; dusky blotch on gill plate; lateral line with short strong anterior arch; lateral line with rearward pointing scutes; 1st dorsal fin short, spiny; 2 free anal spines very small; soft rays in dorsal and anal fins gradually smaller from anterior to posterior direction; snout blunt; mouth terminal; caudal fin forked, upper lobe longer than lower lobe by 1 1/3 times.
Similar Species
Atlantic bumpers have a dark spot on top of caudal peduncle; crevalle jacks have elongated anterior rays and a black spot on pectoral fins; other jacks have equal length caudal lobes.
Bay and shallow Gulf
Maximum Size
39.5 cm (15 1/2 in), common to 18 cm (7 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VII+I,27-29; A. II+I,23-25 (explain)
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