Sharpnose sevengill shark

Heptranchias perlo

Family Hexanchidae - sharks, cow

Body elongate, slender; color gray above, white below; 7 pair of gill slits, all anterior to pectoral fins; 1 small dorsal fin, set far back on body; snout pointed, eye large, fluoresce green in life; mouth large, narrow with pointed jaws; caudal peduncle with no keels or precaudal pits; distance between the dorsal fin origin and the caudal fin is more than twice the dorsal fin base; upper teeth with slender hooked major cusp; lower teeth sawlike with 1 larger cusp and several smaller cusps posterior and 1 small cusp anterior.
Similar Species
The only other living sevengill shark, the broadnose sevengill, does not occur in the Gulf of Mexico.
Gulf, deep waters
Maximum Size
1.4 m (4 1/2 ft)
Fin Element Counts
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State size/bag limits
Bag limit is 0, this is a prohibited species; See Shark Regulations; Check for state record.