Lined seahorse

Hippocampus erectus

Family Syngnathidae - seahorses

Body elongate, compressed; head at angle to body, bent downwards; snout tubular; mouth small; tail coiled with no caudal fin; color variable black, gray, brown, green, orange, red to yellow, mottled; dark and light lines on head and neck, sometimes tiny white dots on body; body with armored plates forming rings around body; may have fleshy tabs covering body, with longer cirri on head and back; many projections or spines on neck, body and back of tail; 1-2 cheek spines located diagonally down from the eye; snout about 1/2 length of the head; pectoral fins at eye level on head; eyes can move independently of each other.
Similar Species
Dwarf seahorse have no markings on their bodies; longsnout seahorse has a longer snout and distinct blotches on its body.
Gulf and bay, prefers coral reefs, seagrasses, floating sargassum
Maximum Size
19 cm (7 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 16-19; A. 3-4 (explain)
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