Histrio histrio

Family Antennariidae - frogfishes

Body short, round, slightly compressed; skin scaleless, smooth, with many fleshy tabs; color varies, usually brown mottling on orange or yellow background; 1st dorsal spine modified as a 'lure' (fleshy bulb with filaments at the end of a small pole), positioned on the snout, to attract prey; gill openings limited to small pore behind pectoral fin base; pectoral fins angled, almost arm-like.
Similar Species
Other frogfishes have sandpaper-like skin; they are benthic and not found in sargassum seaweed.
Gulf, usually clings to floating objects or sargassum seaweeds, can be blown inshore after storms
Maximum Size
20 cm (8 in), rarely larger than 11 cm (4 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. III+12 (1st spIne modIfIed); A. 6 (explain)
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