Black driftfish

Hyperoglyphe bythites

Family Centrolophidae - medusafishes

Body elongate, oval-shaped, deep and wide; color brownish to black on back, sides and belly lighter; head rounded, snout short, eye large; lobe on upper rear edge of gill cover; dorsal fin single, longer than anal fin, 7-8 short stout spines anteriorly; pelvic fins fold into broad shallow groove; mouth large, extending past anterior eye margin; caudal fin often edged in black; iris golden.
Similar Species
Similar to the barrelfish. The barrelfish is greenish to brown where the black driftfish is blackish to brown; the barrelfish's eyes are smaller than the snout length, the black driftfish's are larger; dorsal fin ray counts are 19-21 in the barrelfish, 22-25 in the black driftfish.
Gulf, deep water, young sometimes hang around flotsam
Maximum Size
60 cm (23 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. VII-VIII, 22-25; A. III,16-17 (explain)
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