Crested blenny

Hypleurochilus geminatus

Family Blenniidae - blennies

Body elongated, laterally compressed, with long dorsal and anal fins; brown with light mottling, abdomen lighter than body; dark blotches on back and lower dorsal fin; has fleshy tabs (cirri) on forehead, long in males, short in females, usually 4-5 smaller cirri at base; canine teeth in posterior of 1 or both jaws.
Similar Species
Other blennies without cirri (barred blenny), with continuous gill opening from 1 side of head across ventral surface to other side (molly miller), or no canines in jaws (feather blenny).
Shallow Gulf and bays, prefer hard substrates
Maximum Size
10 cm (4 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XI,15 to XIII,14; A. II,18 (explain)
Other Common Names
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