Freckled blenny

Hypsoblennius ionthas

Family Blenniidae - blennies

Body elongate, laterally compressed, with long dorsal and anal fins; color yellowish green to brown; distinct freckles on face in females, weak or absent in males; anal and dorsal fins dark, anal fin with white tips; 2 fleshy tabs (cirri) on head either unbranched or with 1 branch at bottom and/or 1 branch at top; 2 faint dark bars from eye to mouth; upper lip free (rimmed), not attached to snout by skin; fleshy lobe on lower jaw at junction of upper jaw.
Similar Species
Similar to the feather blenny, but the feather blenny has many branches on its cirri, its upper lip is attached to its snout with no free rim and has no fleshy lobe on lower jaw where it meets upper jaw.
Shallow Gulf and bays, prefer hard substrates
Maximum Size
10 cm (4 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XII, 15; A. II, 16 (explain)
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