Bermuda chub

Kyphosus sectatrix

Family Kyphosidae - chubs, sea

Body deep, oval-shaped; color gray to dark, lighter on underside, pale yellow horizontal stripes on body, young with pale spots; 2 dull yellow horizontal bands on head, 1 on upper lip to past eye, other through eye; head and mouth small; base of teeth lay horizontal in mouth, then curve outward at an angle to an incisor-like point; upper part of opercular membrane black.
Similar Species
The hockey stick shaped teeth distinguish this species from all other fish families; The yellow sea chub is usually brighter yellow and upper part of opercular membrane is lighter than in the Bermuda chub,
Gulf, rocky bottoms or reefs
Maximum Size
76 cm (30 in), common to 50 cm (19 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. XI,11-13 (usually 12); A. III, 10-12 (usually 11) (explain)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
K. saltatrix, K. sectator, Perca saltatrix
Underwater photo courtesy of TPWD Artificial Reef Marine Species.
State size/bag limits