Spotted gar

Lepisosteus oculatus

Family Lepisosteidae - gars

Body elongate, cylindrical; color dusky above, white to yellow below; snout moderately long, flattened, narrow at tip; nostrils at tip of snout; dorsal and anal fins set far back on body; pectoral and pelvic fins placed low on body; pelvic fins abdominal (well behind pectoral fins) in placement; body encased in armor of large, thick diamond-shaped scales; dark spots on upper body and fins; top of head with large, oblong blotches; 1 row of fang-like teeth in either side of upper jaw.
Similar Species
Has 1 row of fang-like teeth on either side of upper jaw (2 in alligator gar), large, oblong spots on head (if present, small and round in longnose gar), snout shorter and wider than in longnose gar, snout similar to alligator gar.
Bay and freshwater, occasionally wanders into Gulf
Maximum Size
120 cm (4 ft), common to 90 cm (3 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. 6-9; A. 7-9 (explain)
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