Lepomis gulosus

Family Centrarchidae - sunfishes

Body elongate, moderately deep, laterally compressed; color olive green to brown, belly golden; males with a bright orange spot at the base of the dorsal fin; light edges to fins; dark spot on gill cover sometimes edged in red; eyes red in adults; faint irregular vertical bars or blotches on sides; dark bars on head radiating from eye; rows of dark spots on dorsal and anal fins; dark spot on gill cover; mouth large, upper jaw reaches to middle of eye; tooth patch (roughened area) on tongue.
Similar Species
Similar to the rock bass and green sunfish; the rock bass has 6 anal fin spines, warmouth has 3; green sunfish have no teeth on its tongue, no mottling pattern and no dark bars radiating from the eye.
Freshwater, prefer vegetation, underwater snags and overhanging banks
Maximum Size
31 cm (12 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. IX-XI(X); A. III, 9-10 (explain)
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