Sand tilefish

Malacanthus plumieri

Family Malacanthidae - tilefishes

Body elongate, laterally compressed; color brownish to blue-green above, lighter below; faint yellowish dusky vertical bars; dorsal and anal fins long; dorsal fin yellow-edged with yellow spots beneath, yellowish base; anal fin with yellow spots; head yellow with wavy lines around eyes; caudal fin lunate, upper and lower rays elongate and filamentous, base dusky yellow, edges colorless; mouth medium, ending before eye; lips thick; teeth canine-like, curved rearward; 1 spine on opercle flap.
Similar Species
Other tilefishes are not as elongate, have a serrated preopercle and do not have a falcate tail with long, filamentous rays on the outer edges.
Gulf, sandy areas near reefs and seagrasses
Maximum Size
70 cm (27 1/2 in), common to 50 cm (19 1/2 in)
Fin Element Counts
D. IV-V,23-25; A. I,48-55 (explain)
Other Common Names
Previous Scientific Names
Builds mounds out of rubble and sand fragments.
State size/bag limits